New Release

The new EP from The Megatons, "Brand New 59"

3 original songs from The Megatons and 1 cover from Bobby and the Demons

EP - 7” - 2.5 oz – cover and in folder
Side A – Brand New 59 / Go Big Beat
Side B – Race to the Dead Man's Curve / The Woo











White Lightning Records - 1959 Elixir blvd, Lutecia





Our first publication was inaugurated by The Megatons, a real Wild Wild Rock and Roll band

Single - 7 "- 2.5 oz - cover and in folder
Side-A Wild Wild Party
Side B - Live it up

THE MEGATONS play Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, in a Wildrock style.
Wildrock music was played in late 50's early 60'S by exuberant teenagers, enjoyed fellow for most of them in the big industrialized cities of the North of the United States which explains mostly this type of music, with saturated guitar to the contrary of the Rockabilly style which is much more acoustic and nearer of its original roots coming from the South of the United States.
The sound and the rhythm are in an electric guitar, reverb, heavy bass and drums, syncopated rhythm and treble vocal style.
The Megatons was created on 2009 and composed of 5 musicians having various experiences with different groups since the eighties.
Recorded October/2010 at Electrophonic Recordings with only original 50's material.





White Lightning Records - 1959 Elixir blvd, Lutecia